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The sun on my skin is like your hands on me. A warm feeling that makes me forget anything else. I don’t want it to end.

Feeling like I was run over by a bus is a very good sensation indeed. Still, I wouldn’t recommend if your not into acute pain.

Take care of yourselves.

Tu touches mon dos, tes doigts glissent sous mon tee-shirt et passent doucement contre ma peau. Mes muscles se détendent, la douleur s’estompe. Mon corps commence à se détendre et je me met à pleurer.

Grimpe sur la selle, relève la tête et pousse sur les pédales. Tu sens la chaleur monter dans tes jambes, irradier tes cuisses, les articulations de tes genoux. Le vent caresses ton visage, le soleil brille et ton regard porte loin. Inspire, accélère, ne te retourne pas.

The thunder cracked the sky this afternoon, the rain followed. I hope it will drain the already dry and dusty soils.

I’m high, touching the soft clouds around me. It’s hard to concentrate but it’s OK. Almost everything needed has been done. I can now shutdown my computer, have a last smoke and lay down next to my lover. How satisfying.

Dizziness, half asleep, half awake. Music resonates somewhere. Pouring tea in my cup. I see your smile, and it comfort me.

Being here, sweet dreams, sweet touch. It’s all about feeling, about the right place and the right thing to do. Looking, taking a deep breath and closing my eyes. I see you from everywhere, anytime. I love you.

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