is another space on the decentralized web.

We are providing a full featured Matrix IM server: Matrix backend + Postgresql database server + frontend web client Riot IM.
The server is open to registrations, allow file uploads and groups creation. Both backend and frontend are updated daily to latest versions (release candidates included). When you connect for the first time you are automatically added to the room, where you will get support if needed and maintenances announcements. Don't hesitate to part from this one if it bothers you.

Everything is hosted on the same server in Nuremberg, Germany, using Debian GNU/Linux + UFW + fail2ban + Nginx + + Postgresql + Matrix from official repositories. I try to keep it minimal and stick on KISS principles. Backups are made automatically everyday around midnight and kept for a full week (7 days).

Access the webchat:

Please keep in mind that even if I'm not sharing your data with corps I still have access to it. Don't do anything that require to hide from gov agencies here! Also theses services are provided "as-is", and so on, without any warranty. You can however check their realtime availability here:

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